Phillip Clark

Full Stack Software Engineer


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Grasshopper Bank

I was soley responsbile for implementing and maintaining the frontends for our applications. I've included examples of two projects I felt were the most involved: Virtual Debit Cards and International Wires.

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Virtual Debit Cards

An application for banking clients to create and manage virtual debit cards. Features include issuing cards to other users, setting spending limits and categories, revoking access, searching, filtering, and sorting.

Technology Used: React, Next.js, Material UI, Node.js, NestJS, TypeORM.

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International Wires

An application for clients to request international wires, a manual process prior to this application. This a responsive web form with multiple sections, displaying only the relevant section at a time. Upon submitting, a request with the form data is sent to ZenDesk via their API, which in turn triggers processes for the operations team. Features include scroll indication, real time input validation, and toast (snackbar) feedback.

Technology Used: React, Next.js, ZenDesk API, Node.js, NestJS, TypeORM.

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